What is Energy Healing and How does it work?

We live in a vibrational universe. Everything that surrounds us and all that we are is energy. We can think of this as a quantum field that carries the blueprint of our physical reality. When we are focused on balancing some aspects of this quantum field, the physical field is changed matching the vibration that is being introduced. When a higher vibration is introduced on the quantum field the vibrations will shift matching the vibration that is being introduced. The healer will transmit and maintain a dominant higher vibration for a period of time causing the misalignment to match that higher frequency.

This is true for people, situation, and places.

When a distance healing is performed,  prana (life force or energy of the universe that sustains all life) is sent through intention focusing the attention into the person’s energetic field.

The healer taps into universal consciousness and prana are channeled by the healer entering the crown chakra and directing the energies with focused power of intention and angelic guidance (i particularly work with the energies of the angelic realm) to the energetic field of the person that is being healed allowing the flow of energy to heal the energetic body, therefore the physical ailments that are caused by this same imbalance are also healed.

Since energy works at a quantum level it is not bound to physicality or space and time.

Taking care of your energy body’s health can dramatically improve our lives.

When we operate from a balanced state of being our environment inevitably changes for the better. You start vibrating in a higher frequency and the result is the fulfilling peaceful life that we so much desire.

Our Energetic body is the unseen force that keeps us alive and is connected to the unified field of energy or “The Divine”

Why is energy healing important?

The totality of us is comprised of body, mind and spirit. Our whole self operates from an energetic core that resides outside of our body and has physical, spiritual and mental attributes. Knowing this, we should approach our whole existence, in a completely different way and give the attention and care required to those parts of us that we’ve been dismissing for so long.

Energetically speaking we are not born as a clean slate, we come to this life with many energetic traumas from our past life that negatively affects us. Many fears and phobias come from our past life, really more than we think and want to admit. Outside forces have a significant influence in our life. We are all connected by an energetic grid that is at the same time connected to them all, we truly are “All One”. Now, adding the traumas you acquire from this life can become an energetic mess that is stopping or slowing down our growth and wellbeing.

Healing of any kind should be done on a holistic level. That means including all of our bodies. Physical, mental and spiritual.

In order to get energy healing to have lasting results, we must accept responsibility for our own healing and take an active commitment to improve our wellbeing. It takes time, practice, commitment and a lifestyle change focused on healing, growth and ultimately the balance and happiness that we all are striving for.

We need to understand the importance of our energy body and prioritize it in our lives. Our body, mind and spirit wellbeing depends upon it.

When we are out of alignment ailments and diseases manifest in our physical and psychological bodies. To live your highest potential it is important to be balanced and align energetically with the Universe.

Energy healing benefits are endless. It can help with:

  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Traumas,
  • Insecurities and everything concerned with your mental and emotional health.

On a physical level, It will help with any physical disease that is caused by energetic misalignment, which in my belief is all of them. All physical disease is a manifestation of an energetic misalignment. It all starts in the energetic body and then it manifests physically. Let’s say, physical illness is a consequence of an energetic misalignment or imbalance.

Energy healing also helps to relieve physical discomfort and pain.

Energy healing has been proven to be so effective that it is used in major hospitals and health facilities around the world.