As an intuitive healer, empath, Reiki practitioner, and spiritual counselor – I always believed in the power of love. Since I remember I knew everything was connected and there was nothing that couldn’t be fixed with love. My life’s research about the unseen has made me understand that we are a lot more than we think, this has taken me down the path of energy healing and betterment of self at every level.
​I am an intuitive healer, a highly sensitive empath, spiritual counselor and reiki practitioner. I work with the energies of the Christ consciousness and a team of archangels and ascending masters tapping into universal consciousness connecting to source to channel healing energies through my crown chakra then transmitting them with my intentions, with my heart energy field, my 3rd eye and my hands which have been activated to send a powerful healing based on the energies of Healing LOVE.
​I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner. I work with crystal, aromatherapy, and natural oils that I craft myself and program with healing energy.
I specialize in my own distance healing modality using ceremonial sessions that allow me to go deep into the energy core of the person or situation that is being healed. This sessions are powerful, deep and incredibly effective.
​I believe, healing at any level is necessary for our development and evolution as human beings.
​My live purpose is to heal, teach and endlessly learn.
Create, teach and support conscious living.
To anchor love and light into mother earth

Our energy healing sessions and spiritual guidance is a step into the world of understand the deep secrets of love and healing. You will understand the power that you have within yourself and how to regain it.